1972                –           New college building construction

1978                –           Establishment of Hostel – ground floor

1980                –           MPC group added to the existing arts and MPC

1988                –           Starting of Vocational course – To help the youth employed

1991-92           –           Elevated the status of college to Degree College the pressing demands of staring degree college for women.

1993-94           –           PGDCA for Degree to create job opportunities.

1997-98           –           Insertion CEC group to Intermediate.

2000-2001       –           Insertion Bio-technology and Microbiology in to science stream of Degree

  • and MLT, CSE, PSTT Vocational group into intermediate college
  • Construction of 1st floor of the building.

2013                –           Addition of new groups MPC & MSCs to Degree

2015                –           Introduction of Short Term Vocational Course in Intermediate

–           B.Com Computers in degree to cater the demands of IT students