Today: Sep. 21, 2023
Today: Sep. 21, 2023


(Affiliated to Andhra University)
Door No: 62-2-104, Ramkrishnapuram,

Malkapuram, Visakhapatnam


The main aim of this Association is to provide a good and strong bridge for the students, faculty and the institute for mutual benefit and synergy. Students who have stepped out of the portals of their alma mater have always returned to it with tremendous gratitude and joy to be part of the ever-widening vision of individual excellence and community development. They have become stakeholders, partners, and collaborators in the consistent renewal of the institution as it meets the challenges of a rapidly changing world. Their desire to contribute to the education of the marginalized and the downtrodden to access higher education, find employment opportunities and develop into full citizens of society has urged the college to galvanize the alumni association. The alumni association continues to remain the major interface between the college and the world profoundly shaping and informing the continued enthusiasm with the social spirit and tradition.


1. To promote a lifelong relation and to act as a forum for the exchange of information among its members.

2. To organize and establish scholarship funds to help the needy and deserving students.

3. To exchange professional knowledge, organize technical conferences, seminars workshops & training courses.

4. To provide career development and guidance.

5. To create interest and motivate the alumni to participate in the progress of the Institute and make them contribute towards the enhancement of their Alma mater.

Alumnae Minutes 2021-22(till Date)