ST.Ann's College for Women
Accredited with NAAC 'A' Grade
Malkapuram, Visakhaptnam.
ST.Ann's College for Women
Accredited with NAAC 'A' Grade
ST.Ann's College for Women
Accredited with NAAC 'A' Grade

Anti Sexual

Cultivating a Safe Haven:

St. Ann’s College for Women’s Anti-Raging and Anti-Sexual Harassment Initiatives


         At St. Ann’s College for Women, we prioritize the well-being and safety of every student. In addition to our steadfast commitment to an Anti-Raging culture, we stand unwaveringly against any form of sexual harassment. Our college is dedicated to creating an environment where students can pursue their academic goals free from fear, intimidation, or unwanted advances.

Anti-Sexual Harassment Initiatives:

       Awareness and Education: St. Ann’s College for Women is actively involved in raising awareness about sexual harassment through informative workshops, seminars, and campaigns. These educational initiatives aim to empower students with knowledge about consent, boundaries, and the importance of maintaining a respectful and supportive community.

Policy and Reporting Mechanisms: Our college has established clear policies prohibiting sexual harassment, and we ensure that students, faculty, and staff are aware of these guidelines. We have implemented confidential reporting mechanisms, providing survivors with a safe and supportive space to share their experiences and seek assistance.

Inclusive Counseling Services: St. Ann’s College for Women offers confidential counseling services specifically designed to support survivors of sexual harassment. Our trained professionals provide empathetic and empowering guidance, helping survivors navigate the emotional challenges they may face.

Prevention Programs: Proactive prevention programs are integral to our approach. We engage in ongoing efforts to prevent sexual harassment by promoting respectful communication, consent, and bystander intervention. Through these programs, we encourage a culture where everyone is responsible for creating a safe and supportive environment.

Collaboration with Advocacy Groups: St. Ann’s College for Women actively collaborates with external advocacy groups and organizations dedicated to combating sexual harassment. This collaboration allows us to stay informed about best practices, continuously improve our initiatives, and contribute to the broader movement for a safer educational environment.

As part of our holistic commitment to creating a safe haven for all, St. Ann’s College for Women strives to eliminate not only raging but also any form of sexual harassment. Together, we build a community where respect, consent, and empathy are paramount, fostering an atmosphere conducive to personal and academic growth. Join us in shaping a future where every student can pursue their dreams without fear of harassment at St. Ann’s College for Women.

Anti Sexual Harassment Committee