ST.Ann's College for Women
Accredited with NAAC 'A' Grade
Malkapuram, Visakhaptnam.
(Affiliated to Andhra University)
ST.Ann's College for Women
Accredited with NAAC 'A' Grade
ST.Ann's College for Women
Accredited with NAAC 'A' Grade

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Community outreach is about giving, contributing, and helping those who cannot help themselves.
At St. Ann’s College we believe that helping others along the way makes you evaluate who you are. Being able to help is a privilege for us Management, teachers and students for it teaches us to become concerned to those who are in need and it helps us understand the spirit of compassion. As we aim to provide holistic education and cater the all-round growth of  the stakeholders, the management, teachers and students participate regularly in the community outreach program.



Sisters of St. Ann’s College, Malkapuram distributed meals for the poor at the road sides and railway stations. It was indeed heart touching to see how people are longing to receive the food to satisfy their hunger. They also gave bed sheets to the poor people. It felt the desire within to serve these people more.



1. Education is a gift that none can take away. Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination & life to everything. With a view to help the unaffordable girls FREE TEXT BOOKS were given to all the students.

2. On 10th, Dec the children from Spurthi orphanage were brought to the convent to have a fellowship meal with sisters of St. Ann’s College. 39 of them came and spent time with the management. Sisters along with the hostel students and co-workers took part in this gathering and made the children happier. Along with the meal, they were given small gifts also Rice, Dal and oil were given for the orphanage. Most of the children were very small and they need care takers. We could feel their longing for love and affection.

3. With the encouragement and support of Sr.Prema, Sr.Vini Louis takes initiative in carrying out these charitable deeds whenever it is possible. On 19th, Sisters, staff and students went to the charity home at AKC colony, conducted small programme and games. We spent some time with the inmates gifted them with cooking utensils, Rice, Dal and snacks items. It was an enriching experience for all those who visited the charity home.


Help to the poor

1. Sisters of the St. Ann’s College extended their help to the poor in the form of distribution of rice, text books, note books and uniforms, giving special coaching to the weak students.

2. Motivating the workers to move forward with trust in the Lord through counselling and team building sessions.



1. UNICEF OUTREACH PROGRAMME at Residencial school at Meghadri gedda on 29th jan.2018 by PEER LEADERS Of St.Ann’s college

2. Swachhta hi sewa: our NCC cadets conducted a program called drive action plan on the Occasion of Gandhi jayanthi, Tree Plantation Program which was held on sep 24th 2018 along with Clean and Green Program Held on sep 15th 2018 Also cleaning of status of important public personalities 20 and 21st sep 2018

3. On the eve of SAS Week the students distributed eatables and other essentials to the poor practising the important values of sensitivity and service.


1. On 23rd and 24th of July, the students visited Mother Theresa home and Navajeevan Bala Bhavan. The students understood the struggles of the people and their need for love. Our students spent quality time with the inmates of the homes. “It was really a God given experience for us” said our students.

2. Distribution of rice and cloths, Distributions of school bags for the government school children, Distributions of note books and pens to the students,  Visits to HIV/AIDS affected children, Service to Mother Theresa home, Help to the family of poor students of the college.


As the door of mercy opened we the staff and students involved in very many acts of mercy. In To mark the Year of Mercy the St Ann’s feast was celebrated with the theme- “Compassion, Mercy and Kindness”. Students participated in competitions like painting, signing and role plays on the above said themes. They were also encouraged to contribute and involve works/acts of mercy. Each class was given dump boxes for their little contribution and the collections were spent in consultation with their class teacher.

Some of the Acts of Mercy done by the students;

– Distribution of rice and cloths
– Distributions of school bags for the government school children,
– Distributions of note books and pens to the students,
– Visits to HIV/AIDS affected children,
– Service to Mother Theresa home,
– Help to the poor students of the college.


The various activities that have taken place in fulfilling strategies of provincial chapter :

1. Distribution of Rice, clothes, pickles and vessels to the poor people in slum areas.
2. Massive campaign on Governmental Welfare Schemes and poverty eradication programmes.

To Achieve universal primary education the activities taken are :

1. Identification of illiterates and drop-outs through survey.
2. Counseling of illiterates and their parents.
3. Joining of illiterate children in near by Government schools.
4. Conducting competitions to youth on “Child Labour” and “Importance of universal primary education”

To Reduce child mortality rates.

Activities :

– Participation in pulse polio immunization programmes. Our 100 Volunteers participated Public Polio immunization programme was conducted on 22nd February, 2015 at Janatha Colony.

Campaign on children’s health and immunization with the help of St.Ann’s School of Nursing and St.Ann’s J.M. Hospital.

To Improve Maternal Health

Activities :

1. Conducting rallies on population control.
2. Campaign on Institutional deliveries.

Ensure environmental sustainability :

During the green vision week the following programmes were held :

I. Cleaning through Shramadan (Sanitation drive)
II. Plantation
III. Campaign on “5 Rs” strategy Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Re think
IV. Maintenance of “No plastic zone” in the college.
V. Conducting Exhibition, Rallies and competitions on Environmental protection.
VI. Campaign on water conservation and watershed management.
VII.Campaign on “Save our Resources”

To Develop a global partnership for development activities taken are :

I. Campaign on “Good Governance” & “E-Governance”
Campaign on L.P.G (Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation)
III. Training to Local women in computers.
IV. Campaign on New Technology like usage of computers and cell phone etc.

Our NSS students participated in Beach Cleaning of International Coastal clean-up day was observed on 19th September, 2015 at R.K. Beach.

N.S.S. Day was celebrated on 24.09.2014. N.S.S. P.O’s and Volunteers participated in “Harita Visakha Programme” (plantation) on 17.11.14 at Gullalapalem Hospital, Park and H.B. Colony Park.  100 sapplings are planted by our volunteers.

Collection of rice, cloths and other material  hud-hud victims.

Distribution of rice, cloths and material in Bheemili, Iruwada, Pudimadaka and Tota Veedhi of Bheemili.

Participation in Beach Candle Rally.

Plantation in near by parks.

Services at Ration depots and Medical camps.