Today: Sep. 21, 2023
Today: Sep. 21, 2023


(Affiliated to Andhra University)
Door No: 62-2-104, Ramkrishnapuram,

Malkapuram, Visakhapatnam

Department of Biochemistry

The department was established in 2019 in St. Ann’s degree college for women and offers UG courses. Biochemistry is the application of chemistry to the study of biological processes at the cellular and molecular level. The Department had only one post. In 2019 May M. Sudha rani joined as assistant proffessor. Till today she is continuing her services.

The Department tries to achieve the overall goals and objectives of the college.


1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the molecular machinery of living cells;

2. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the principles that govern the structures of macromolecules and their participation in molecular recognition.

3. Use basic laboratory skills and apparatus to obtain reproducible data from biochemical experiments

Vision of the department:

1. Producing quality students trained in the latest tools and technologies and striving to make university a world leader in the area of biochemistry.

2. To achieve academic excellence in biochemistry of imparting in-depth knowledge to the students, facilitating research activities and cater to the ever changing industrial demand & societal needs.

3. To be a centre of excellence in the discipline of biochemistry.


1. To provide quality education to the students through state of art and education in biochemistry.

2. To provide a learning environment that helps the students to enhance problem solving skills, be successful in their professionalizes and to prepare students to be lifelong learner by offering solid theoretical & practical foundation in various discipline of biochemistry and educating them about their professional and ethical responsibilities.

3. To provide exposure to students to the latest tools and technologies in the area of biochemistry.

4. To provide research based projects activities in the emerging area of biochemical technology.

5. To develop the man resource with sound knowledge theory & practical in the disciple of biochemistry and the ability to apply knowledge to the benefit of the society at large