ST.Ann's College for Women
Accredited with NAAC 'A' Grade
Malkapuram, Visakhaptnam.
ST.Ann's College for Women
Accredited with NAAC 'A' Grade
ST.Ann's College for Women
Accredited with NAAC 'A' Grade


(Affiliated to Andhra University)
Door No: 62-2-104, Ramkrishnapuram,

Malkapuram, Visakhapatnam

Department Of Botany

The study of botany is vital as plants are fundamental part of the life on earth. Department of botany was established in the year 1991 in St.Ann’s College for Women,Malkapuram,Visakhapatnam. The course is being lead by efficient teachers to impart the knowledge of plants and their important as an integral part existence on the planet.


– To develop an aptitude towards science of botany and nature.
– To equip students with basic skills in identify and labelling different plants .
– To impact quality education in the field of botany enabling the students to confidently face the job market.
– To sensitive the students towards the need for keeping environment clean and conserve natural resources.
– To equip young students for self employment.
– To provide the platform to actualize students talents and encourage them to mould their passion in to profession .


To explore and not to exploit the plant world and to continue the well being of the people throught excellence in studies, exploration and conservation throught sustainable utilization of the plant world and to promote life long learning through modern technology and to provide quality oriented and skill oriented education to the students.


To faster an environment of excellence by attracting ,supporting and producing out standing students, researchers, leaders, graduates and faculty and staff needed to sustain our vision.


1. Professionalism and ethics.
2. Transformation education,research and out research.
3. Team work and partnership.
4. Environmental sustainability and food security.
5. Equity and indusiveness.


There is a well equipped laboratory in the department.It is well equipped with instruments, learning resources like charts, museum speciments slides models,herbarium etc.

A very good library with so many books related to botany.A well management garden with many tress, herbs, shrubs.It has many ornaments, economically important and medicinal plants.


Many activities are conducted during the semester programme which are relevant to the topics covered.
1. Algal collection,plant collections etc.
2. Project works -medicinal plants economically important plants, ornamental plants,nursery,gardens etc.
3. Maintanance of plant diversity
4. Botanical trips – to study wild plant diversity ,study of ecosystems and to inculcate the research knowledge to the students.
5. Tree plantations in the campus.
6. Maintainence of compost pits organic manure pits.
7. Supporting nss work.
8. Organization of guest lectures.
9. Visits to nurseries&gardens.
10. Botany club.
11. Celebrating the days of national & scientific importance.
12. Drawing charts, preparing models.


Since the plant life now-a-days is facing more environmental issues, the scope and importance of botanists have improved considerably. On completion of B.S.C and M.S.C in botany course the candidates can optain for career as biological technician, plant pathologist, farming consultant ,environment consultant, molecular biologist, plant bio chemist, taxonomist, nursery manager, forester, park ranger, conservationist, ecologist, plant explorers, teachers, research work in universities and other institutes etc. They can get jobs in biotechnology firms, herbal product companies and research organizations.