ST.Ann's College for Women
Accredited with NAAC 'A' Grade
Malkapuram, Visakhaptnam.
ST.Ann's College for Women
Accredited with NAAC 'A' Grade
ST.Ann's College for Women
Accredited with NAAC 'A' Grade


(Affiliated to Andhra University)
Door No: 62-2-104, Ramkrishnapuram,

Malkapuram, Visakhapatnam

Department of Chemistry

The department of Chemistry was established in the year 1991 with a group of Botany, Bio-Chemistry and Chemistry and in the year 2000 management has started the groups of Bio-Chemistry, Micro-Biology Chemistry and Bio-Technology , Botany and Chemistry under graduation. In the year of 2010 Maths, Physics and Chemistry group was introduced and in the year of 2017 Botany, Zoology, Chemistry group was introduced.

         Every year more than 50 students secured B.Sc chemistry degree. These Alumni are well established in various fields such as chemical industry, academics and administration etc. our department has well equipped these laboratories, these are enriched with sophisticated and advanced instruments. At present 02 full-time faculty members and 01 non-teaching staff are working in the department.

Vision :-

         The vision of the department is to develop the department as centre of excellence in all aspects of education, research and development of basic technology in chemical sciences.

         The department is proud to have 100% pass percentage at public examinations. The department is focussed in both teaching and high quality research with allied disciplines. Our strength is reflection of their skills, innovation and drive.

Objectives :-

1. To develop the department in aspect of education, research and development of basic technology in chemical science
2. Development of best resource for student and resources.
3. Utilization of excellent facilities for students

Projects :-

Sl.NoProject Name 2021Research guide
1Ions present in toothpaste Valisha Madam
2Cool drinks available in marketValisha Madam
3Constituents of AlloyAnjali Madam
4Sythetic fibers & ApplicationsAnjali Madam

Ongoing Projects: – 

Sl.NoOngoing Projects 2021Research guide
1Presence of pesticides in fruits & vegetablesAnjali Madam
2Foaming capacity of soap Anjali Madam
3Preparation of InkAnjali Madam
4Polymers and ApplicationsAnjali Madam

Poster Presentation :-

1. Father of Chemistry
2. Requirements of Laboratory
3. Precautions of Laboratory
4. Periodic table
5. Brief history of scientists
6. Nobel prize winners of chemistry
7. Discoveries in the field of chemistry

Model making of Chemistry :-

1. Solid state models – FCC, BCC, ECC Simple unit cell
2. Diagonal plane of symmetry
3. F2, Cl2 Structures
4. CH4, C2H2, C2H4 structures
5. Periodic table
6. Benzene structures
7. Electron structures of Noble gases
8. Rutherford Atomic model
9. Structure if molecules based on CSEPR theory
10. Electro chemistry model

Future projects:

1. We are planning to take students for pharma companies to make project on spectrophotometric instruments.
2. We are planning to take students for industrial visit and internship programmes to gain knowledge in companis like HPCL, CORMONDEL and STEEL PLANT.