Welcome to St. Anns College Visakhapatnam



Welcome to St. Ann’s College


Principal’s Message

How much better to get wisdom!  To get understanding is to be chosen rather than silver.  (prov. 16:16)

            With an ardent desire to give the external treasures of wisdom and understanding through our educational apostolate we launch into every academic year with various activiies having our sure foundation in Jesus Christ.

            We are aware of the fact that “A nation is shaped in the class room”.  The kind of world and society we live in tomorrow will be determined greatly by the type and quality of education we give to our students today.  Therefore preparing students to face effectively the world outside and accelerated changes is the challenge before us.

            Thus our main thrust is to provide wholestic education to empower the young girls to be the role models in the present world.


          St.Ann’s College for women is a Christian minority institution under the management of St.Ann’s Society purely instituted in 1976 for the empowerment of young girls through education.  It has walked confidently through the significant annals that made women who are role models with the integrity of mind and heart.

            St. Ann’s Junior College and Degree colleges always has its reputed stand in all round development and in achievements.  Academic excellence is its heritage, integrated development is its claims.

            Along with intellectual competence the college provides platform for every student for their unique development through NCC, NSS, Sports Games meet, cultural festivals, counselling spiritual and social programmes.

            The student of St.Ann move as borning little lamps all over the world spreading the light of goodness and casting out the darkness of evil forces.   As a empowered women they shine as guiding stars in the society.

            The lovely green, clean, serene college campus is the sweet home for many who nurtured their lives and reached high and still keep pushing themselves ahead.  I would welcome all young girls who love to task richness of life and its values to become the members of St.Ann’s College.  Saviour the sweetness of your stay at S.Ann’s.





Swatchh Pakwada Programmes are in Progress.

07-08-2017 – Campus Cleaning and Planting saplings.

08-08-2017 to 10-08-2017 – Life Skills Traning Programme.

11-08-2017 to 15-08-2017 – Mega NSS Camp in AU.

17-08-2017 to 24-08-2017 – 1st Mid Exams for Degree.

26-08-2017 – Science Club Meeting.