Today: Sep. 21, 2023
Today: Sep. 21, 2023


(Affiliated to Andhra University)
Door No: 62-2-104, Ramkrishnapuram,

Malkapuram, Visakhapatnam

Department Of English

English department is one of the major department that is existing since the inception of St.Ann’s Degree College in woman.

As English is a global language utmost importance is given for the teaching the language and making the students proficient in it. The college is contented with all the modern and necessary amenities such as language labs and social groups  and various committees under the guidance of exceptional faculty the English department is blooming upright by teaching the essentials of the language that is READING WRITING and SPEAKING.

Academic syllabus helps the students to gain marks but in St.Ann’s we also focus on various life skills that push them forward in the competitive world. Apart from the curriculum we regularly conduct various workshops, English Weeks, PowerPoint Presentations, Project Works,etc., to improve the creative and analytical thinking of the young minds of students.

For motivation and inspiration we at St.Ann’s occasionally conduct seminars and talks from successful people on progressive issues of the society, from where the students acquire knowledge and life lessons from them. Although English is a foreign language it emerged as a standard global language and so we stress on the “Socio-Cultural Importance Locally and Globally” which helps them cope up with different people and different cultures they are going face out of the college.

Thus the study of English prepares them to win the race in the competitive world against all the odds by giving them professional skill required for employment after graduation.